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Our Goal

Our goal is improve the lives of people in the community by first bring our solution or product to our local community and then eventually to our global community. We seek to solve these issues in our society.


The Kokomo Business and Engineering Team was founded at Kokoomo High School by Gene Yang and Mitchell Wyrick due to their dream of creating a group of students focused on engineering solutions to complex, global issues.

We are developing a data collection device for dialysis patients and systems. Currently a problem in the dialysis market is the need for the integration of patient monitoring with dialysis machines. In both a home dialysis and hospital setting, vitals must be recorded periodically by a nurse or family member, although, this unecessarily complexes an already difficult issue. Our proposed product serves to not only compact all vital monitoring into one system, but allow the collection of data, storage in a database under a patient profile, and sharing of the patient history with a physician for further analysis.

Our Founders

Gene Yang

Mitchell Wyrick

Kayla Siebert

Gene Yang

Gene Yang is a sophomore at Kokomo High School and one of the two founders of the Kokomo Business and Engineering Club. Gene's dream is to become a neurosurgeon or MD/PhD for neurosurgery and neurology.

Mitchell Wyrick

Mitchell Wyrick is a sophomore at Kokomo High School and the second founder of the Kokomo Business and Engineering Club. Mitchell's goal is to enter the field technology, engineering and business.

Kayla Siebert

Kayla Siebert has been a teacher of Mathematics at Kokomo High School for nearly 5 years and is the adult supervisor or sponsor of the Kokomo and Business and Engineering Club.

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We can be contacted through the email and phone number provided below. Please spread the word of our club and consider supporting us! Thank you!

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