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The Kokomo Business and Engineering Team, also known as Vitae Systems, has been selected as one of the five finalist teams from around the world in the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge, a high school level, business and engineering competition. As a finalist we have chosen to travel to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to present our product or pitch to a board of judges composed of scientists, field experts, and business men. Every dollar donated to the Kokomo Business and Engineering Club brings our product one step closer to realization as an innovative solution in the field of health.

Our members independently raise funds for the club through fundraisers, sponsorships, and more, but we are still in need of funds! Only with community support can we become truly successful. Donations from the community will go toward travel costs for our group to the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Summit, development or prototyping of our product, and for patenting or marketing our product.

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When donating, please make sure the funds are being directed toward which will allow your funds to be funneled into our club. Any other source or name shown should not be donated to. In the case of this, you can notify us or complete the donation via (765) 455-8040!

We truly appreciate your donations and support. Your donation will go directly to our club and community. Thank you!

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We can be contacted through the email and phone number provided below. Please spread the word of our club and consider supporting us! Thank you!

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